As a weed dispensary in Los Angeles, Herbarium has been growing a network of suppliers and customers since legalization in 2016, even before. The result is an extensive weed shop online; one that caters to your every flavor, flight, or fancy. Our menu is among the largest available anywhere in California, our quality unmatched. Tested independently by third parties, every product on it proves this claim true.

We collaborate with only the very best suppliers; those that prioritize your satisfaction above all, and those with legal licenses, who exceed safety standards required to achieve that. Herbarium operates within the law, providing a weed delivery service to legal adults and medical patients in Los Angeles, Needles and beyond. Our online marijuana dispensary offers medical-grade cannabis in all its forms.

From the best buds in California to the most potent tinctures around, you can find it all on our menu. We have edibles on offer. Capsules. Topicals. Pre-rolls, vaping cartridges, CBD products, concentrates, and more. You can choose by potency, flavor, strain, terpene profile, and cannabinoid content, even mood, such as energizing or sleepy. What is more, help is available, should you need it, at any time.

Herbarium specializes in recreational weed delivery, but we service an abundance of medical users too. No matter your reason for consumption, whether treating health issues, preventing them, or just enjoying the buzz, Herbarium has the finest cannabis for you and at excellent prices too. If you visit often, you may find coupons and other cash-saving specials or discounts to help you even more.

We cater to all of Los Angeles, relying on a vast delivery network built with your experience in mind, which typically gets orders to you within the hour. Same-day delivery is very popular, and you can track your orders as they travel to you. Our app is useful, but you can get notifications via text for departure times, arrival alerts, and other vital information about your package and its route to you.

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