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Best US Casino Games Online What is the best online casino? There are hundreds of thousands of websites that allow players to play roulette online. All of them are legal under the laws of their respective countries. However there are some crucial tips to be considered when searching for an online casino. The first thing … Continued


Let’s get real. Going to prison for weed is so ridiculous. As we continue to take strides toward federal legalization and decriminalization, we believe it is our responsibility as members of the cannabis community to take part in efforts to build and maintain social equity. What does that mean? Partnering with The NDICA to give … Continued

Edible Gummies are Wylder Than They Seem

“I’m your Huckleberry.”   This is probably the most iconic line spoken by Actor Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone. While we can dive into the meaning and origin of that phrase and lose two hours, we aren’t movie critics. We’re the No. 1 Cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. We carry an … Continued

Letter to Beverly Hills Newspaper Editors

Letter to Beverly Hills Newspaper Editors September 10, 2020 Southern Californians may not readily admit it, but in the past, we were jealous of New Yorkers. Not the crowds, or the weather, or the food, or even the museums.  We’ve been jealous of how anything and everything can be in New York City. Chinese takeout, … Continued

Do Cannabis Strains Have a Personality?

Is confusion over Cannabis keeping you from taking the next step to find your best option?  Herbarium’s consultants can help. Our family-owned weed dispensary and business takes pride in our deep knowledge of the industry and all the options available. We like to think of Cannabis strains like friends in our social group.  Some are … Continued

What Are MoonRocks And Who Makes Them?

MoonRocks are exploding across the cannabis scene. This new trend is not a new concept. MoonRocks have been around some time already, but because of their indescribable potency, only connoisseurs ever tried brave them. COVID-19 changed all that. Folks have been sitting home experimenting with cannabis in all its forms. It was only time before … Continued

Importance of a CA Certified Symbol When Buying Weed

Weed is available seemingly everywhere in California. Folks are growing it in abundance. In fact, the state has surplus stock and not enough outlets to sell it, despite a cannabis dispensary in many locations and an eager populace. As a result, even the black market is thriving. However, not all cannabis is equal. Some is … Continued

Why Are People Visiting Weed Museums in Los Angeles

Cannabis has a long and interesting history. You can buy it legally now in any Los Angeles dispensary, but what do you really know about it? There is much to learn, and for most, the journey is an exciting one. Weed museums are gaining popularity. Folks are visiting them for a variety of reasons, and … Continued

Why are Virtual Tours of Weed Dispensaries So Popular?

Covid-19 is changing the world. Changing the way humans interact. Changing consumer behavior. With the lockdown forcing folks home, and fear of infection doing same, virtual online tours of cannabis dispensaries are exploding in popularity across California, Los Angeles especially. You can now search Google for a “recreational weed dispensary near me” and visit the … Continued

What Makes a Los Angeles Dispensary Special?

In this new world of legalized cannabis, folks in California find themselves overwhelmed by choice when it comes to buying it. This is especially true in Los Angeles, where a quick search online for a nearby cannabis dispensary returns hundreds of rather dodgy results. Only a handful of outlets actually have licenses to operate. Most … Continued

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