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Is confusion over Cannabis keeping you from taking the next step to find your best option?  Herbarium’s consultants can help. Our family-owned weed dispensary and business takes pride in our deep knowledge of the industry and all the options available.

We like to think of Cannabis strains like friends in our social group.  Some are deep thinkers who like to pour a scotch over ice and watch the History Channel. They keep up with politics, pamper their friends and take long baths. They are so easy to be around. They like cats.

Others are fun and flirty, great conversationalists, hikers and bikers, and always up for a party. They are highly creative, see the fun in everything, break speed limits and sing on key in the shower. The world just seems sunnier when they’re around.

Do you have friends like these?  You do now—we’ve just described two of the most commonly grown Cannabis strains:  Indica and Sativa. Making the right choice of strains is one of the most satisfying decisions you can make.  With some helpful guidance, you can choose the products that are just right to the effects best suited to you. While both Indica and Sativa strains offer significant benefits and superior high, the two are as different as night and day.


Indica strains are a short, bushy plant with dark, broad leaves. They have a relaxing effect and are known as an evening ally that relieves tired muscles at the end of the day, headaches and migraines, relieves anxiety and stress, and battles insomnia. Indica can provide superior mental relief which so many are now searching for in these uncommon times.  Other positive side effects are reduced nausea, better appetite and an increase in dopamine levels. This strain is commonly used late in the evening or as part of a bedtime routine to provide a peaceful end of the day.  Think about Indica as a “body” high.  (Ahhh. Good night, moon.)

Sativa strains make the ideal plant for daytime use. The grow tall and thin with narrow leaves, like sunflowers who turn their faces to find the sun. This strain has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties, and it multi-tasks—working to reduce chronic pain while improving focus and sparking new ideas. Savita strains have an uplifting effect that unlocks the creative file cabinets in the brain, and is stimulating and energizing. It’s also a fighter against depression and is the “head” high. (Craft stores are on its speed dial.)

Armed with knowledge, now buy with confidence

There are a variety of names, typically chosen by their growers, and often reflect properties of the plant such as taste, color and smell. The Herbarium consultants can describe and recommend products to suit your needs—and you can do this in one of our stores, Los Angeles and Needles (Google ‘cannabis store near me’) or shop online and use our live chat for guidance, then choose from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (last order at 8 p.m.) seven days a week. Herbarium’s website’s section will determine storehere. The site also offers daily deals and specials, and each item indicates the strain and provides an easy graph to indicate the type of effects this product creates, making the choices easier.  

All products are independently tested and carry the certified CA seal.  Herbarium holds the only multiple license in Los Angeles for Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, making us the number one marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles.

Now, go find a new friend.

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