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Wyld Huckleberry Edibles

“I’m your Huckleberry.”
This is probably the most iconic line spoken by Actor Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone. While we can dive into the meaning and origin of that phrase and lose two hours, we aren’t movie critics. We’re the No. 1 Cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. We carry an incredible brand of gummy Edibles from the Northwest called “Wyld”, and yes, they have a Huckleberry flavor.
Portland-based Wyld creates gummy fruit chews infused with real fruit ingredients and flavors as well as finely extracted cannabis oils that embody the out-of-doors, out-west culture, so this is a great place to start in understanding Edibles. This guide and our menu will help you choose which ones are best for the activity you plan.
Wyld Edibles are made with a variety of Cannabis strains. Edibles with CBD only are recommended for first-time users or people who have a specific ailment they are trying to relieve. The Edibles that are listed as Hybrid are enhanced with a balanced hybrid terpene profile that helps in the feeling of overall wellness.

Wyld Huckleberry

The Marionberry Edibles are enhanced with Indica, which makes them the perfect end to a long day at work or to unwind with friends. Edibles with Sativa are those to take on your stroll around Silver Lake, biking to Santa Monica, or showing your friends the closest view of the Hollywood sign. (It’s not Oregon’s rivers, lakes, oceans and mountains, but with Wyld Edibles, our outdoors in LA might seem a little ‘wylder’).
Herbarium’s easy menu choices list the main Cannabis substance, the milligrams, quantity in the package, and best of all, the ratings. Click on the star and you can see by attribute which ones will do the trick for you. Responses include “creative”, “relaxed”, “blissful”, “energetic”, “sleepy”, and “intimate”.
While the effects of Edibles vary by strength and individual, this info and rating system is a great start to understanding the use of Edibles.
Why Edibles? Cannabis Edibles are discreet, odor-free, can be frozen to stay fresh but still have on hand when needed, are affordable, and most of all, Edibles give users the option of using Cannabis for a variety of medical needs without smoking or vaping.
The phrase “I’m your Huckleberry means “just the right man for the job”.
Wyld Edibles are available in Los Angeles and Needles. Which might make Herbarium your Huckleberry.

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