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With all the vaping crisis’s and black-market cannabis sales, would you want to buy any cannabis product that has no information on it? Cannabis testing allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions based on the strength and composition of cannabis products. Accurate testing is important for medical patients who need specific effects. It is also important for adult-use consumers because products vary widely in their potency, which will influence their experience.

There is a variety of cannabis testing methods used to evaluate safety, quality, and potency information to consumers. While the specific testing requirements vary by state, a few major testing procedures are common throughout the industry. Potency information is a considerable drive for cannabis testing to provide information on THC and CBD levels in cannabis products.

Testing Cannabis Products for THC and CBD Levels

Cannabis Testing

Cannabinoid potency information measures levels of plant cannabinoids found in cannabis products. Grows and Retailers are required to obtain potency data for THC and CBD, the two most common cannabinoids. It’s important for consumers to know THC and CBD levels because these will have a strong influence on the effects of the product.

How Do Labs Measure THC and CBD Levels

There is a variety of ways to measure THC and CBD concentrations. The most common technique is called High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). HPLC can separate and measure a mixture of chemicals in liquid solution.

In HPLC, a sample is collected from cannabis flower mixed with a solvent such as ethanol. The solution is then pumped at high pressure through a tube. The tube contains a material that attracts some molecules in the sample based on their chemical properties. At the end of the column is a detector. Compounds that are attracted to the material inside the tube will travel slower and reach the detector later.

Here at Herbarium, we test all products carefully including our own brands: Elevate, Don Pablo and Caviar Gold. Caviar Gold products are known for the strongest cannabinoid mix on the planet and it’s important to be able to accurately track THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid levels in our flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, moon rocks, creams, and other cannabis products. our proprietary infusion method allows us to use the best ingredients and combine them in new ways for discerning customers.

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