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Herbarium isn’t your generic medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensary. We are full-service, vertically integrated, and set up to meet your every need with easier access and higher standards. We encourage you to stop in at our West Hollywood location and see for yourself. Our store offers a look into our grow room with plants from baby to cloning stages, oil capping machine, joint rolling machine, and endless amenities.

Visit Our West Hollywood Cannabis Dispensary

We opened our doors on the first day of legalization in CA and were licensed for medicinal cannabis ten years before that. As a family-funded, start-up organization, our goal has been to go from good to better to amazing, and we prove it throughout every stage of cultivation, distribution, retail. Unlike the rest, we maintain our uncompromising standards from seed to sale.

From vapes, edibles, extracts, pre-rolls, gear, flower, tinctures, and topicals to our range of merchandise, Herbarium has everything you’re looking for and ensures a rewarding experience. Our rigorously trained budtenders are available to answer questions, explain effects, and provide recommendations. Check out our menu.

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Products in Los Angeles

We support exceptional products and holistic wellness with outstanding customer service. Whether you’re looking to spend some time browsing or would prefer to order online for in-store or curbside pickup, our LA location is always the right choice.


Mon-Sun: 8am - 10pm

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