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Herbarium, the only vertically licensed cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, is raising the bar with our new store in Lompoc, CA on West Laurel Avenue. Our new Lompoc location offers in-store consultations to understand the wide variety of products available, and what’s best for you with products that are the highest quality, from topicals, tinctures, oils, edibles, flower and CBD products.

Herbarium’s vertical license allows for retail, cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution—which we provide within a 30-mile radius as well as curbside pickup (coming soon: drive-thru service).

Top Quality Cannabis Products in Lompoc, CA

Herbarium was founded on the idea that cannabis can be an important element of our daily lives, one that should be learned about with an open mind. At Herbarium we aim to provide you with a curated, one-on-one experience. When you visit us, it’s more than a transaction—it’s a conversation, with our goal to share our knowledge and allow you to learn about cannabis but to allow you to learn about cannabis and incorporate it into your life in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Include cannabis in your creative space, enhance your sensual experiences, retreat into self-reflection, heighten your senses, deepen your sleep, fight your nausea, relieve your pain, and much more.

Our Lompoc, CA location will include a wellness center offering remedial massage and other therapies incorporating the wellness products we offer.  All of the major brands including Herbarium’s own – Caviar Gold, Don Pablo, Packed and more – are available.

Herbarium offers a wide array of discounts aimed at making cannabis available and affordable.  First time customers receive a 20% discount, Veterans and Disabled, Seniors (60+) and purchases over $200 qualify for a 15% discount, and Medicinal and Refer a Friend get a 10% discount.  Purchases of four grams of flower and Zaddy/Friends & Family qualify for 20% discount.  Yelp and Google reviews receive a $5 discount, and a grocery receipt from Albertsons and Ralphs qualify for a free gift with every purchase. Herbarium also has a loyalty program.  All details are at

Visit our Lompoc, CA dispensary for the best cannabis around!

Herbarium’s service in Lompoc will be with a discreet fleet of vehicles and drivers.  Branded vehicles will be added only in some specific locations.

Herbarium Lompoc will host market and vendor days, outdoor celebrations, Friday Food Truck & Flower events, and other activities as part of the healthy, active lifestyle found in this beautiful California Central Coast city.

Herbarium’s products pair perfectly with the wineries, vineyards and wine ghettos in Lompoc, or enjoy the outdoors in state and historic parks, beaches, hiking and biking trails.

Hey LA! Lompoc is the perfect day-out destination, just 150 miles from LA.  See all there is to do in Lompoc after visiting us at Herbarium:


979 N La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
TEL: 323-447-2037
LIC.# C10-0000339-LIC
Mon-Sun: 8am - 10pm

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