At Herbarium, we very much enjoy customizing events for our customers. If you have a birthday party coming up, an anniversary, or just feel like partying with a personal touch, then we can make sure you and your guests always remember it. Our exclusive parties even come with options: VIP and Premium packages. You can even create your own custom ones, filled with products of your own desires.

Our VIP package includes customized decorations, Herbarium T-shirts, Don Pablo Cannagar, which is a Premium package upgrade. The Premium package includes two-eights of two different strains of fine weed, snacks, drinks, even spirits, and builds on the standard package. If you have ideas of your own, we are happy to accommodate them wherever reasonable. We also house a guest list on the bigger side.

Parties, tours, and other weed-friendly events are hugely popular in California now. Marijuana delivery services cater for many of these events. Often, you can buy weed online and take it with you, but cannabis tours are the latest trend in the tourism market. If there is a tour you want to do, whether a stoned art class, cooking class, or sightsee, just let us know. We can collaborate with your tour of choice.

Cannatours are customizable too. Some visit the most haunted houses “high.” Others go bar hopping, even dispensary hopping. Still others enjoy nature trails. Whether visiting California on holiday, staying for work, or seeing family and friends, cannatours come highly recommended. Many of the locals are rediscovering California in the process. We are very happy to share those joys with folks around town.

There are some regulations governing cannatours in Los Angeles. These are not too overreaching, but it pays to be mindful of them. You cannot consume marijuana in public spaces. Not on the beach, not in national parks. You cannot carry weed around schools, and you cannot have too much on your person or in your car at any one time. Just carry what you need, and discreetly, or better yet, buy weed there.