Our Herbarium Shop is easily the best dispensary in Los Angeles. Completely online, you can find the largest selection of cannabis products anywhere in California. Unlike space-limiting brick-and-mortar outlets, an online collaboration with most licensed suppliers’ gives you access to all of their products, in Los Angeles itself and across California. You also get all of their coupons, discounts, and other specials.

Only the best weed dispensary can offer such variety and choice. We are legal, operating under regulations that ensure accountability for the cannabis you receive. We only work with the best suppliers, and we only products independently tested by a third party to ensure quality, potency, and accurate cannabinoid analysis. You get only the best weed. The very best. See for yourself:


We have buds galore. You can find whatever strain you want in our Herbarium Shop. Indicas, Sativas, you name it; we even have hybrids of both. Buds with different cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, each offering unique effects, flavors, smells, and uses. We have buds with lots of THC; we have buds with little. You can find CBD-rich strains, rare and exotic ones, and definitely a multitude of award winners.


Cannabis edibles, or just medibles, are incredibly popular in California. Quality ingredients infused with quality cannabis and a buzz that lasts several hours, folks buy them in droves. You can find chocolates, granolas, brownies, gummies, muffins, and more. Your choice of edibles is simply huge, each dosed accurately and labelled with its Certificate of Analysis, so you know just what cannabinoids it contains.


The market for cannabis extracts is enormous. From cannabis oils to tinctures, capsules, and even feminine hygiene products, concentrates are everywhere. You can find kief, hashish, waxes, resins, vaporizers, and so much more. Whether you inhale, swallow, or apply to your skin, there is an extract for you, notably stronger than any bud will ever be. In fact, cannabis concentrates are the most potent.


Marijuana-infused topicals are the latest health and wellness trend. You can find cannabis now in shampoos, bath salts, ointments, salves, patches, creams, and all manner of lotions and potions. Although you cannot get “high” from topical cannabis products, they remain popular for their effectiveness at relieving muscular and joint pain, including sports-related acidosis and injury.

Best Dispensary in LA

Our Herbarium Shop is the best weed dispensary anywhere. Not only do we offer the biggest menu in California, but we also provide the accessories you need to experience cannabis to its full potential. There are vaporizers, bongs, rolling papers, filters, lighters, and dabbing rigs; whatever else you might need. Put simply, our store is your one-stop-shop for everything cannabis. And we have only the best cannabis.

What is more, our weed service is faster than you could get it yourself. Guaranteed. You can also download our app to track your order as it travels from dispatch to you. Further, you will receive a notification when your parcel leaves, when it is on its way, and when it is five minutes from you. You only need be home to receive it.

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