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MoonRocks are exploding across the cannabis scene. This new trend is not a new concept. MoonRocks have been around some time already, but because of their indescribable potency, only connoisseurs ever tried brave them. COVID-19 changed all that. Folks have been sitting home experimenting with cannabis in all its forms. It was only time before moonrocks attracted the hype they so justly deserve.

What are MoonRocks?

While searches for “marijuana recreational dispensary near me” climb steadily in Google, people are learning about new cannabis products. MoonRocks are among the most potent of all. This explains their notoriety and their popularity too. Dense nugs dipped in potent hash oil before generously rolling about in kief, MoonRocks are trending with good reason. It is no easy feat finding stronger anywhere.


Potency varies much between MoonRocks. It relies heavily on who makes it, how they make it, and how strong the bud and hash oil is in their own rights too. Generally, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, levels hover around the 50 percent level, which is around 30 percent higher than the average bud. MoonRocks are powerful. You only need a little to feel a lot. In this way, they can last a very long time.


MoonRocks began using buds from the Girl Scout Cookies strain. It is still popular today, but you find MoonRocks of any strain. You can even make them yourself. They consist of quality buds of choice, whether Sativa, Indica, or an evenly balanced hybrid. Then, you either spray these buds or dip them quickly into a pure hash oil before rolling them in kief. MoonRocks are pure bud with pure concentrates.


Because MoonRocks are notably more potent than any buds you could ever find, it is important to plan your experience beforehand. Even the most energizing Sativa MoonRock might not help you finish that important job or project. It might get you up the nearest mountain instead. MoonRocks are not for operating much, certainly not heavy machinery, but they do promise an experience like no other.

What MoonRocks Contain

MoonRocks are especially rich in cannabinoids. Dipped and rolled in cannabis extract, they are plentiful in active compounds. Not only THC either, but also an abundance of cannabidiol, or CBD, cannabigerol, or CBG, cannabinol, or CBN, and more. There are terpenes and flavonoids too, as the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains. All their levels are particularly high, being concentrated already.

In this way, MoonRocks are highly effective as medicinal therapy. Their potency of cannabinoids ensures the “entourage effect,” a phenomenon whereby all cannabinoids work together to boost efficacy hugely. Patients benefit most from MoonRocks, but they benefit all who try them, whether recreationally, diet watching, or even just for treating minor ache and sniffle at home.

Pros and Cons of MoonRocks

Although for most, being extremely “high” is an advantage, it can be disadvantageous if you have work to do. Like dabbing and other forms of concentrated cannabis, MoonRocks are affordable. They go a long way, since you only use a little at a time. They are ideal for an extra dose of THC, and they make for an excellent conversation starter. For those new to them, they offer a true novelty experience.

However, MoonRocks can be messy. Most will not grind them up, as they are too sticky and just gum up the grinder. They work best smoked in glass, such as in a bong or a glass pipe, but you can roll them into joints and blunts too, even sprinkle them onto your next bowl. The hash oil can melt. This can be a bother, so make sure to store MoonRocks in dry, cool places.

Who Makes MoonRocks?

You can find MoonRocks at any cannabis dispensary. You can find them even at an online weed dispensary. Many different companies make them, even you can easily at home, but Caviar Gold emerges the clear leader in MoonRocks this year. The company is the largest provider, offering MoonRocks of numerous different strains of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid origins.

Even more importantly, Caviar Gold redefined MoonRocks. The company owns the brand and is famous for its cannabis processing statewide. It utilizes a proprietary extraction method that sets its buds apart from its competitors. Its kief is unique. Therefore, while folks can make their own MoonRocks, gathering enough quality kief can take time. Caviar Gold fills this space in the marketplace with its fine, fine rocks.

MoonRocks Safety Tips

It is very important that you first finish whatever needs doing before you start on MoonRocks. There is no guarantee that you will do any of it after even one hit of this potent dust. It might well knock you out, tranquilize you, and even leave you catatonic. Best make sure you have no necessary chores. Additionally, you must eat before going near MoonRocks. It can quell nausea and relieve “munchies.”

Further, you should keep yourself properly hydrated. Have enough water with you, even some snacks. Dry mouth comes near guaranteed, so you will want to relieve that without getting up every second. What is more, environment is crucial. Be in a comfortable place. Be where you can relax, a place that makes you come alive again. Find an uplifting, positive place. Good energy is paramount.

Los Angeles Cannabis Dispensary

You can find an online weed dispensary almost everywhere now in California and the local cannabis dispensary is still your best answer to sourcing quality MoonRocks. Caviar Gold stocks a nice array of strains to tempt your brave heart, but like edibles, start slowly and gradually take more. Too much can feel overwhelming, in which case you will need a potent dose of CBD oil to counteract the THC.

Space out your hits and experience what MoonRocks have to offer. Try out several different strains to discover what the fuss around them is all about, why all the hype, what a wondrous experience. If you enjoy a spacey, stoned-out “high,” then MoonRocks will never disappoint. However, if you are a newbie, extra caution to go slow comes advised. The potency of MoonRocks cannot come overstated.

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