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Herbarium was founded on the principle that cannabis is a vital and natural element that is beneficial to our daily lives. We encourage open-minded curiosity surrounding cannabis. We curate conversations on cannabis and its consumption to push innovation and knowledge and advocate for the decriminalization of cannabis. Herbarium is more than your average cannabis brand, we facilitate enriching and fulfilling experiences. It is our goal to share our knowledge about cannabis and incorporate it into your life in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Herbarium is a lifestyle, an experience. As a family and minority-owned business, we care about the authenticity and standard of the products and experience we provide. We are a destination for locals and tourists alike and have become a staple in Los Angeles. We promise to only provide cannabis of the highest quality; from pre-rolls & flower to tinctures & oils, topicals, drinks, concentrates, and so much more. Herbarium emphasizes the importance of diversity by ensuring our spaces reflect the world we walk in. Everyone on our team is trained to help you find exactly what is right for you.

Our mission is to “Educate, Advocate and Elevate.” Herbarium promotes creative, educative, reflective, and fulfilling experiences. We want you to introduce cannabis to your creative spaces, sensual experiences, and self-reflection. Herbarium is synonymous with high quality, beauty, and knowledge. We are “The Herb You Deserve.

Our Mission & Vision


To EDUCATE you about cannabis and the benefits of adding cannabis to your life, in whatever way you choose to partake.

To ADVOCATE for the decriminalization of cannabis and marginalized communities affected by cannabis policies and the war on drugs.

To ELEVATE your lifestyle and cannabis experience by providing you with helpful and knowledgeable staff, a curated selection of products, and a one-of-a-kind environment to ensure you enjoy every moment spent in our stores. We make sure you leave Herbarium with the herb you deserve.


To be the cannabis brand at the forefront of innovation, equity, and social justice. (quality based statement)

Free The Trappers, a campaign curated by Herbarium to share their stance and belief in social equity. Herbarium has over 100 billboards in Los Angeles county. The best dispensary in LA.

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