About us

HERBARIUM was founded on the idea that cannabis can be an important element of our daily lives, one that should be learned about with an open mind. At HERBARIUM we aim to provide you with a curated, one on one experience. When you come to see us it is far more than a transaction. It is a conversation. It is our goal to not only share our knowledge of cannabis, but to allow you to learn about cannabis and incorporate it into your life in the way that fits your lifestyle. Cannabis no longer has to be a substance surrounded with a negative stigma. It should be thought about as a supplement that can enhance your life however often you choose to partake. While the recreational aspects are already well known, we have just begun to understand the potential of the medicinal benefits of this plant. Include cannabis in your creative space, enhance your sensual experiences, retreat into self reflection, heighten your senses, deepen your sleep, fight your nausea, relieve your pain and much more.

Herbarium aims to be more than just your local cannabis shop. We want to be a destination for locals and tourist alike. We want Herbarium LA to be synonymous with quality, beauty and education. We promise to only provide cannabis of the highest quality. From topicals, tinctures, oil, edibles, CBD products and flower. Everyone of our staff is trained to help you find exactly what is right for you. Our team would love to answer any questions you might have an engage in a “consultation” of sorts to find exactly what is right for you.

Herbarium is a marijuana dispensary founded on the concept of Cannabis use for a variety of needs and desires. Our goal is to provide our clients with a curated experience inside our stores or online through content, live chat consultants, and online weed deliveryservice. While medical marijuana is been in use in California since 1996, the recent legalization of dispensaries for recreational weed, including weed delivery service, created a variety of marijuana retailers, many with much less experience than Herbarium. HERBARIUM LA holds the only vertically integrated license in the City of Los Angeles, granting the license for Retail, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution and Delivery, making us the number one hub for Cannabis here.

Cannabis use is no longer surrounded with a negative sigma, and is now generally accepted for both recreational and medical use. From topicals, tintures, oil, edibles, CBD products and flower, HERBARIUIM brands and products are of the highest quality, fully legal and offered by trained, knowledgeable family members and staff who can guide you through the world of Cannabis to determine the right choice for you. Our many positive reviews name employees specifically and thank them for the patience and excellent service, and we receive positive feedback from our weed delivery service, as well.

Our exclusive outdoor mural of lush marijuana farms at our La Brea Avenue location, painted by artist David Sanner, has become a favorite Instagram wall and found at no other marijuana dispensary. This also provides a unique background for a market and vendor days, outdoor music events, and celebrations. HERBARIUM’s second location is in Needles, California, with additional locations planned.