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Instead of offering you discounts, deals, or promotions of a handful of select suppliers, Herbarium offers you all of them. We deliver for most suppliers, which gives you access to many more than a store ever could. You can buy one and get two. You can find half price or cheaper price on bulk. You can get large discounts. There are so many ways to make weed affordable; there is simply just no excuse not to try it.

Our marijuana delivery services in Los Angeles function largely on specials, discounts, and other giveaways. Many people use cannabis for health reasons. For them, weed gets very expensive, and very quickly too. Our staff is always looking for ways to help folks get what they need with the little they have, especially in today’s downtrodden economy. What is more, our deals do not stagnate. No.

We keep it fresh. Our website regularly updates the coupons available, the discounts on offer, the products on promotion, and any other sales our suppliers might be having. There are no old, outdated coupons to worry about, no expired specials. What you see is what you get, making it easier to budget your goodies affordably, and with more accuracy. No store can offer such bargains or make such claims.

There is always somebody available to help you. Just ask. Whether you are looking for a specific product marked down, or if you need a certain volume with a miniscule budget, our staff know what deals are available and can help you navigate your way through them. For our deserving customers, we offer some truly special deals from time to time. We do this to reward our most loyal and supportive clients.