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Letter to Beverly Hills Newspaper Editors September 10, 2020

Southern Californians may not readily admit it, but in the past, we were jealous of New Yorkers.

Not the crowds, or the weather, or the food, or even the museums.  We’ve been jealous of how anything and everything can be in New York City. Chinese takeout, dog food, your dry cleaning, wine from the best restaurants, mascara, a futon; all within a time span considered to be instant gratification.  Then UberEATS came along, and Door Dash, and we were no longer stuck with pizza and kung pao chicken.  Now we have grocery that covers everything from alcohol to toilet paper, and who knew that would be so vitally important? 

What about marijuana, considered by some to be THE most essential business here?
There is currently a move to ban delivery of cannabis in 25 California cities; some rural areas without easy access to quality cannabis dispensaries, and some, surprisingly, upscale with every other kind of delivery available–such as Beverly Hills. 

That’s right.  Beverly Hills residents can have meals by UberEATS and alcohol and tobacco by Pink Dot Grocery, but the city is considering banning the delivery of cannabis, whether the customer uses the product for medical reasons or recreational reasons. 

Permitting local jurisdictions to ban all deliveries of cannabis, which is allowed under the objectives of voter-approved Proposition 64, could eventually allow cities to determine what consumers want to buy. There goes our legal and certified cannabis and the convenience of discreet.

California passed the $1 billion mark in cannabis tax revenue last January, just two years after launching the legal market, adding significantly to the state’s budget.  By undermining legal transactions and Some cities, illicit sales could surge, which undermines the goal of voter approved cannabis sales. 

If your readers care about their legal ability to purchase certified cannabis and have it safely and securely, we ask that they consider making their voice heard in this community.  Contact your local officials to let them know that legal was passed and should be allowed.

Monna Sanner, Chief Operating Officer, Herbarium Cannabis Dispensary
979 La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles | monna@herbarium.la / www.herbarium.la

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