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Lazy, tired, too high to drive? We got you, Herbarium delivers!
Delivering from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Last call to place orders is at 8pm.
Accepting cash and debit card. We charge a $5 fee when using a debit card.
Never be caught without cannabis again.

Ordering pot online is easier than buying it at a store. For one, there is no getting dressed to leave home, no driving, traffic, queuing, none of it. From the comfort of couch, you can buy the finest weed available today, in whatever form you prefer most. We have buds of all sorts, snacks, creams, oils, tinctures, joints, vaporizers, and much, much more. If you want it, we deliver in the hour.

First, you need to order. Our cannabis delivery services are fast and efficient, and our website works well for online dispatching. Browse our extensive product catalogue and fill your cart, then just click off to Checkout and select the store nearest to you. We have two branches for marijuana dispensary delivery, our home bases, if you will, in either Los Angeles or Needles. The process is simple, quick, and effective.

Let us know your delivery address and other necessary details and, upon payment, the delivery process begins. The product ships immediately wrapped professionally in heavy-duty packaging. Non-breakable, bombproof packaging. Our drivers are friendly, knowledgeable, and very good at their job. You could not pick up your stash faster. Just no way. They will always alert you when they near your delivery location.

For many, our delivery app is incredibly useful. You can track your order in real-time, know exactly where it is, what stage of travel it is in, and how far away it is. We know the anticipation of waiting impatiently for a much-needed joint, and with that in mind, we strive to deliver in 45 minutes, often less. Our drivers are resourceful. They are fearless. They will get your weed to you on time, every time, no matter the apocalypse this time, and always within the framework of the law. No need for worry.

HERBARIUM offers licensed and tested daily weed delivery service throughout the Los Angeles area, either directly from our Hollywood location or through our delivery partner, Pelican Delivers, to adults. We are committed to the same safe practices for which we comply in our marijuana dispensary when our customers shop online. Our products are pure, 100% natural, with no pesticides or chemicals. Click here to order for weed delivery service.