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In this new world of legalized cannabis, folks in California find themselves overwhelmed by choice when it comes to buying it. This is especially true in Los Angeles, where a quick search online for a nearby cannabis dispensary returns hundreds of rather dodgy results. Only a handful of outlets actually have licenses to operate. Most of them are illegal. Unaccountable. Some are outright frauds.

You want to find a good Los Angeles dispensary. One that complies with safety and quality standards. One you can trust. One that is special. What makes a cannabis dispensary special? What makes it one to stand out from the rest? Of course, a simple retail license promises a treasure trove of weed, fun for all and sundry, but in today’s market, a dispensary can grow and offer so much more.

Seed-to-Sale Branding

To participate in the legal cannabis market, the law requires special licenses for specific activities. There is more: According to Los Angeles County Consumer & Business Affairs, you need both a state and local license to operate cannabis legally too. For companies, this equates to huge sums of money purchasing essentially two licenses for each step of the cannabis chain.

Despite this, folks are doing it. The branding opportunity of growing your own seeds, making your own products, selling them, all within the umbrella of a single company, is simply enormous. California already requires seed-to-sale tracking, from germination right to final sale. For companies to take care of the entire process from start to finish can maximize brand exposure.

Cultivation Licenses

To grow weed for commercial purposes, you need a specific grow license. This can cost several million dollars on its own. However, it affords dispensaries the chance to grow their own stock, breed new strains, and manipulate cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles to enhance effects, experiment with smell, flavor, and potency, even increase or decrease medical efficacy. Brands can grow their own strains.

Distribution Licenses

For a cannabis dispensary to weed to you, it must have a distribution license. The same license is necessary for anyone moving any cannabis anywhere, commercially, of course. For those growing on the same property, they will still need a license, but at least they will not need to move huge quantities of product elsewhere. This cost saving is a primary reason for companies to grow themselves.

Retail Licenses

A license to open a Los Angeles dispensary is especially pricy. Tens of millions. Selling weed direct to the public comes with certain responsibilities, such as installing security cameras and guards, taking accountability for the stock you sell, and more. However, one does not need a distribution or grow license to open a retail outlet, but having them personalizes the store and makes it more diverse.

A Cannabis Dispensary of the Future

Not all dispensaries are fortunate enough to hold multiple licenses for the same property. In fact, not all dispensaries are even legal to begin with; many are outright swindles or operate the black market dangerously. Licenses are crucial to the legality of cannabusinesses, as well as their trustworthiness, reliability, safety and quality compliance, accountability, and even their credibility.

Every legal dispensary offers a very special service, but those of the future will offer it all, from seed to sale. Herbarium holds numerous licenses for every aspect of cannabis activity. It uses all parts of the plants it grows to ensure consumers enjoy only the finest quality, from buds to extracts, infusions, vaporizers, and eventually even a weed museum. Right there on the property.

Locating a Licensed Los Angeles Dispensary

Unfortunately, a quick Google search for “cannabis dispensary near me” will return an overwhelming number of stores, both brick-and-mortar and online. With most unlicensed and operating illegally, how do you find a legal one? How do you find a special one? That looks after your interest and safety throughout the cannabis chain, from the time it grows to the time it arrives on your doorstep.

Research. That is the only way. Fortunately, doing so is easy enough. Look for online reviews. For recommendations. For complaints and dissatisfaction. If most folks are happy with a service, most testimonials will be positive. If mostly negative, run away. Check its website for functionality, professionalism, and detailed, extensive and freely provided information on all things cannabis.

You should also contact them directly. Ask questions. A prompt, honest and accurate reply shows a special focus on customer care. Further, request proof of licensure, and even the Certificate of Analysis, or CoA, for some products. A CoA proves the product went to an independent laboratory for safety and quality testing, as mandated by law. If it cannot furnish this information, rather not take your chances.

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