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Let’s get real. Going to prison for weed is so ridiculous. As we continue to take strides toward federal legalization and decriminalization, we believe it is our responsibility as members of the cannabis community to take part in efforts to build and maintain social equity. What does that mean? Partnering with The NDICA to give people with weed convictions legal jobs at our company.
Herbarium is a brand passionate about justice and speaking out against oppressive cannabis policies. The Meiri family, founders of Herbarium, wholeheartedly believe that no one should be in prison for weed. Their drive to contribute change has led to our Free The Trappers campaign.
The Free The Trappers campaign created by our founders amplifies our belief that no one should be incarcerated for a substance that people capitalize from. “No one should be in prison for weed, Free the Trappers isn’t just a slogan; Herbarium actually cares about the cause and the community. We want to turn weed convictions from a negative into a positive by hiring people who have only been convicted of weed charges”, Lior Meiri, Founder and Creative Director.
Herbarium has partnered with The NDCIA (The National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance) to provide more employment opportunities to those who have faced jail time for cannabis. Paid interns from The NDICA will learn all the skills and tools they need to become successful cannabis employees and business owners in their own right one day. We hope that our patients and those who share our mission will take the time to get involved with Herbarium by supporting us and also sharing our campaign! Pull up, and ask us how you can contribute to Free The Trappers. It’s not just a slogan, its a way of life!

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